Liverpool John Moores University
About Us

Liverpool John Moores University is a distinctive, unique institution, rooted in the Liverpool City Region but with a global presence.

Our students and staff, past, present, and future, are the beating heart of our city and can be found in every corner of every industry and community. We couldn’t exist anywhere else and have shaped this place we belong to.

Working with the people of our city to improve lives and support communities is at the heart of why we were founded and why we exist today.

Growing and supporting our community is a commitment to work in partnership on an inclusive and positive future for all of those around us.

The world is changing at incredible speed, and we believe our mission is to develop exciting, brave, resilient people and embrace effective, impactful change.

Life at LJMU

The phrase ‘the best days of your life’ gets bandied about a lot. Yet when we speak to our alumni about their time with us, it’s the phrase that comes up time and time again.

Graduates tell us that during their time here they learned from experts in their field and that they got one-to-one support. They say that they were challenged. They say that they made friends with people from all over the world, that they tried new sports and that they got free access to some of the finest cultural events in the UK.

Although we love to hear that our graduates had an incredible time studying at LJMU, we know that your experience won’t be like theirs. For you, life at Liverpool John Moores University is going to be unique and shaped entirely by you, your needs and your ambitions.