SP Jain London School of Management
About us

At SP Jain London School of Management, we believe that if businesses operate globally, so should your business degree. Being part of the SP Jain Global Group with 5 campuses worldwide in Sydney, Singapore, Mumbai and Dubai, we can do just that by offering unique opportunities for multi-city learning experiences. Exposure to different countries, cultures, and business centres through SPJ London’s multi-city learning model ensures you develop a truly global outlook. You could graduate with a truly global business degree with life and work experience across up to four countries and continents.

Our exchange partner, SP Jain School of Global Management, is a registered Australian business school and the youngest business school to be ranked for its 1-year MBA programme; Most recently, it ranked 12th in the world for Best International 1-year MBAs 2019-21 by Forbes.

Fully funded academic merit scholarships are available, and travel bursaries of up to £8000 are provided to all ‘Home’ students to support travel and expenses to our global campuses.

Our programmes

BBA Bachelor of Business Administration

This undergraduate version of an MBA programme provides you with a broad understanding of Business Management, whilst allowing you to specialise in Marketing, Finance or Entrepreneurship. The course is benchmarked against the world’s best universities, developing competitive graduates by building your skills through simulations, live projects, seminars, industry-academic collaborations, and more.

BSc Data Science

The BDS programme provides the core knowledge and skills required to acquire, analyse and harness the potential of data of all kinds in today’s digital age. From advanced statistical analysis to cutting-edge machine learning techniques, you’ll learn how to extract valuable insights from vast datasets.

BSc Management and Technology

The BMT programme aims to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of how business and cutting-edge innovation intersect. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of how strategically employed technology enhances business processes, decision-making, and overall organisational performance, with an emphasis on the importance of aligning technology initiatives with business objectives.