University of Salford
About us

Our forward thinking approach has powered progress for 125 years.

Today, our unstoppable institution is bolstered by countless industry initiatives and innovative research programmes, building a thriving education community in Salford and beyond.

The University of Salford formed from a merger of technical colleges and institutes, created to educate and train a growing workforce. With a past entrenched in industry, we have continued to build on our principles of getting students work-ready.

Our thriving industry-focused research is cutting edge, rising to the challenges and opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution.

As ‘thinking machines’ continue to replace human tasks and jobs, and smart cities become a reality, our focus for the next few years is to strengthen our position specifically in robotics, digital and smart living. We already have a solid base on which to build from, as these three areas cut across everything that we already do.

Study with us

There are countless reasons why our university could be the place for you, including our unbeatable links to industry, state-of-the-art facilities and award-winning academics.

But the thing we love most about Salford is the community our staff and students have built together, to make our university a warm and welcoming place to live and study.