University of St Andrews
About us

The University of St Andrews is known for our rich history as well as our cutting-edge teaching and research.

The University’s motto is ‘Ever to Excel’, which is taken from a speech in Homer’s Iliad.

We are the most international of Scotland’s universities and one of the most international in the UK. There are more than 130 countries represented in the 2021-2022 student population.

For 2021 entry we received applications from 179 different countries.

Our students have the chance to participate in exciting exchanges or study abroad opportunities in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and the USA.

Study with us

Choose to study at a world-class university with an unforgettable student experience. We offer gold-standard teaching and cutting-edge research.

A degree from the University of St Andrews is sought after by employers across the globe, in part due to the excellent reputation the University maintains. Students have access to some of the world’s best professors and lecturers, and our state-of-the-art facilities and support services are always available to help you reach your full academic potential during your studies.

The University is highly respected as a top university both in the UK and overseas. Regularly ranking highly in university league tables and scoring well for its research, it is no surprise that a degree from the University of St Andrews is so valued.