University of Sussex
About us

For over 60 years the aim of our courses, research, culture and campus has been to stimulate, excite and challenge. So from scientific discovery to global policy, from student welfare to career development, Sussex innovates and takes the lead. And today, in every part of society and across the world, you will find someone from Sussex making an original and valuable contribution.

Study with us

Our undergraduate courses are designed to broaden your horizons and give you the skills and experience you need to take you in any direction you choose.

At Sussex, the academic year starts in September. There are three terms in each academic year: autumn, spring and summer.

In each term, you’ll take modules. A module may consist, for example, of a mix of lectures, a seminar or laboratory sessions. You’ll have a timetable with the modules for each week of your course.

Some modules are core, which means all students on the course take them. Others are options, which means you can choose the topics that interest you most.