Help with your university application, from The Student Room and The Uni Guide

The Student Room and The Uni Guide are two online resources where you can find support with every stage of making a university application.

The Student Room is an online community where thousands of students meet. There’s a uni application forum, where you can find advice on the specifics of applying to uni. And there are individual forums for each university, where you can read other students’ opinions on the universities you like.

The Uni Guide is a free and unbiased university advice service. You’ll find interactive tools, straightforward advice and key stats (including explaining what these numbers actually mean) – so you can make your uni choices with confidence. 

More about The Student Room:

Among the guidance available on The Student Room, you’ll find:

  • University forums

If you’re looking for a well-rounded picture of what a particular course or uni will be like, our university forums are a good place to visit. We’ve got a forum for each of the universities in the UK. Inside you’ll find current students and applicants, sharing knowledge and advice. Many of our uni forums also have official representatives from that university, who can help out with tricky questions. Find our university discussion forums here.

  • Ucas applications forum

On The Student Room, we also have a forum that’s especially for helping you make your Ucas application. This forum is staffed by volunteers who have been trained by Ucas – so they really know what they’re talking about! Visit the Ucas applications forum here.

  • Personal statement builder tool

Writing your personal statement is tricky; it’s easy to get writer’s block and just feel stuck. Our interactive tool has been designed to help. We’ll guide you through identifying the things you need to include and then show you how to structure your writing. Afterwards, we’ll check it for common mistakes so you get a personal statement you can feel confident about.

Try the personal statement builder tool here.

  • Personal statement library

When you’re working on that personal statement, it can really help to get some inspiration from how others have approached it. On The Student Room, we have a library of thousands of real personal statements, written by university applicants in previous years. They’re all ordered by subject, so you can quickly find the most relevant statements.

Find our personal statement library here.

More about The Uni Guide

Head over to The Uni Guide for features including the following:

  • A-level Explorer

When you’re choosing a degree course, it can be hard to know where to begin. Our A-level explorer tool could help you narrow down your options. Pop in the A-levels you’re taking and the tool will give you a list of subjects that students with a similar combination of A-levels typically take at degree level. Try the A-level Explorer tool.

  • University course guides

Once you have an idea of the subjects you might be interested in you can get an overview of the sort of thing you’d be studying on our course category pages. These subject guides provide a general idea of things like the kind of modules you might take, how many teaching hours you might expect and what your career options could be after graduating. Search for university courses here.

  • University guides

In our university profiles, you can see how students rate the university across different non-academic categories such as how sporty it is, how varied the union activities are and how diverse the local nightlife is. Check our university guides.

  • Expert articles

Our articles can help you with each step of the university application journey. We’ve got expert advice on everything from student finance to personal statement writing. Read university application articles here.